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Our mission is to provide interventional cardiologists with specialized equipment to accurately assess coronary artery lesions.

The company received support as part of the AlfaBRIdge project implemented by the National Center for Research and Development with the participation of the Medi Ventures investment fund.

Innovation in interventional cardiac surgery

The Opti-G guidewire is a diagnostic device that allows precise diagnosis of the nature of the occlusion - neither angiography, which is an X-ray device that shows the course of the vessels after contrast is injected into the arterial lumen, nor cardiac CT or, even less, MRI give any feedback on the nature of the occlusion. Direct assessment is the way to simplify the procedure, shorten its duration and reduce the complications associated with the operators' learning curve. The Opti-G guidewire is primarily intended for use during interventional procedures for coronary artery disease



An effective analysis of the nature of the occlusion causing the blockage in the coronary artery will allow a crucial decision to be made on the choice of the procedure, the appropriate devices and the need for any revascularization. This is crucial because of the adequate patency of the vessel and the subsequent life of the patient. Coronary CTO is still the last barrier to complete percutaneous revascularization of patients with coronary artery disease, mostly due to technical considerations. Difficulty and complexity of recanalizing CTOs with percutaneous techniques results from a lack of information on the characteristics of the occlusion

Background Of Idea

According to WHO reports cardiovascular diseases are the most distributed cause of death worldwide. Coronary Chronic Total Occlusions (CTOs) are commonly findings during routine coronary angiography with a prevelence betweenen 18% and 52%. Percutaneous angioplasty intervention of CTO has the potential to offer patients several benefits including symptom relief, improvement in left ventricular function and better long term survival


Krzysztof Nazar, M.Sc.Eng. |

(co-Founder Chief Executive Officer, CEO)

Krzysztof Nazar holds a degree in Biomedical Engineering from Lublin University of Technology. He embarked on his professional journey by contributing to the innovation of medical devices. His expertise has been honed at esteemed companies like Balton LTD and 45Stages LTD. Krzysztof's entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish NK TECH Sp. z o. o., an innovating manufacturer of medical devices in the limb prosthetics sector. Following the success of his initial venture, he ventured into more intricate projects, focusing on surgical medical devices.
Łukasz Wasyluk, M.Sc.Eng. |

(co-Founder, Chief Designer)

Graduate of the Faculty of Production Engineering, Medical Technology Engineer and Manager with 22 years of experience in design of cardiovascular devices, specialized in laser technologies, novel coatings, manufacturing equipment and project management. Lead Engineer and Project Manager in R&D projects, conducted in cooperation with international scientific institutions and industrial centers.
Damian Ziarkiewicz, M.Sc.Eng. |

(co-Founder, Project Manager)

Graduate of the Faculty of Production Engineering and the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Mechanical Engineering at Warsaw University of Technology, postgraduate at Kozminski University, Project Management. Technologist - Constructor with 17 years of experience in the design of disposable medical devices, development of technologies and optimization of manufacturing processes of metal tubes, steel and platinum springs for coronary, radial, diagnostic and neuroradiology guidewires. Specializing in thin plastic coatings by immersion, laser micro-cutting of plastics, nitinol technologies construction of specialized production equipment.
Arkadiusz Domitrz, M.Sc.Eng. |

(co-Founder, Chief Technologist)

Medical Technology Engineer with 8 years of experience in vascular medical devices, guidewires, specialized in nitinol technologies and coordinating projects. Graduate of the production engineering at Warsaw University of Technology. Developed experience as an employee of a company producing disposable medical devices. Responsible for product development, preparation of technical documentation and product`s implementation. Specializes in the development of microcatheters, delivery systems and products made of nitinol such as guidewires, endovascular implants.


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